Media Ministry

A small team ministers to the Assembly on Sunday mornings and at other special occasions by operating the sound and video systems.  Our motto is, "We have done our jobs well if you do not know we are there."  Providing suitable microphone arrangements and connections for vocalists and instruments of music is sometimes quite a challenge!

The audio equipment in the chapel provides sound of excellent quality, not only in the worship space, but also throughout the building.  Sound is distributed in the main foyer, the nursery, the kitchen, and even the washrooms, so that those with responsibilities that take them out of the worship space may also have the opportunity to continue to hear and participate in the activities of the worshipping Assembly.  Further, for those who have trouble hearing, hearing assistive receivers (with earphones) are available to all who request their use.  These devices provide the users with probably the highest quality of sound available anywhere in the building — and they continue to work even if the wearer is called out of the main meeting room. 

Digital audio recordings of Sunday morning proceedings are made. Sunday morning messages are posted on this web site (see the pull-down menu) and as podcasts. Other messages from our archives may be obtained simply by asking for them.

The chapel is equipped with digital video cameras, a projector and a modern computer. With this equipment even those who cannot attend in person can become part of the worshipping Assembly, via Zoom. Video projection has also proved to be a powerful aid, both for song leaders and for those providing — and listening to — Sunday morning messages.  It is true: very often a picture is worth not only a thousand words, but also many minutes!  

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