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Christmas Eve 2015

December 24, 2015 at 11:34 PM

This years Christmas Eve Service was another evidence of God's grace in our lives. A power outage in the afternoon along with severe high winds, almost caused the service to be cancelled. Following a request for many to pray, the Lord (along with Hydro Workers) brought back the power, and we had a nice group of eighty or so out for the service. Hannah and Trevor, along with Angie and Ryan and Wally did most of the congregational music, balancing traditional Christmas carols with contemporary Christmas pieces. A power point presentation allowed the congregation to join in on most of the music. Thanks to those who gave special numbers; presented by Stan, Andrew and Fern. Three differing families (Joe and Joanne, Wade and Judy, and Jody and Sherry) did a great job of sharing scripture that related to the topic this year-“The Way in the Manger”. Thanks as well to Irene and the BFA children's Choir for their touching songs. Following the service, Jim concluded with prayer, and then Dave reminded the children (young and old) that bags of goodies were available for each and everyone. As we left the chapel we were reminded that this was a nice way to begin the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Eve Service 2015

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