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Courageous Movie Outreach

February 11, 2012

The lights dimmed, the music began softly, and "Courageous", the movie started at BFA. This movie tells the story of four very different cops. But it also tells the story of their homes and four differing sets of complex problems which set the stage for carjackings, gang violence, robberies, assaults, high speed chases, gun fights and death. Among this group of cops enters Javier, an immigrant worker struggling to live out his Christian faith while challenged with poverty. Not only does Javier shine in his role in this movie, but his face literally glows as he demonstrates real overcoming faith. This is the fourth in the series that Sherwood films has produced, and by far this is the best yet!

Over fifty came to enjoy this film showing on February 11th. Most of those present used plenty of tissue for those sadder moments, but there was plenty of laughter as well. All seemed to enjoy the movie's friendly joyous banter; the humor, and the lighter moments. And the gospel came through loud and clear, but also the message that fathers need to assume their responsibilities in the family. If you haven't yet seen the movie 'Courageous", let me say this is a must see for all!

Following the movie showing, we enjoyed a time of fellowship and snacks in the fellowship hall. Thanks to all who made this evening a wonderful and encouraging time!