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Mission to Cameroon Report- Beatrice Blouin

June 24, 2012

On Sunday night, June 24, 2012, Beatrice Blouin gave an excellent presentation of her missions trip to Cameroon. Along with slides, Beatrice gave new insights into her mission to Africa. Below is a partial transcript to some of her comments- “Machatoway, Aghele yo me lu Beatrice.” Good afternoon and my name is Beatrice. I have attended BFA for most of my life and I would just like to begin by thanking all my supporters for helping bring me to Africa through finances and prayer. I went to Cameroon, Africa in 2011 with Wycliffe Bible Translators after studying Intercultural missions for a year in Global Adventures program at Heritage Bible college. Our team was assigned to go to the Oku people in Cameroon, Africa for two months to promote Scripture use and literacy among the Oku people so that they could read their bibles in their heart language when it comes out in 2013. So why Bible translation? There are over 280 different languages of which 16 have the full Bible, and 65 have the New Testament. But 199 languages still remain to be translated. A lot of languages do not even have an alphabet when Bible translation starts. We worked in Oku where a couple of the New Testament books and some parables that Jesus told are already translated and printed. The whole Bible is planning to be translated and printed in year 2013. During this mission, our team went around to churches, youth groups, schools, and various literacy classes to encourage the people to learn to read and write in Oku. In this way, they would be able to read their Bibles when it came out in the Oku translation in 2013. What is it like to work in the Oku language? This language has 19 noun categories and is very difficult to translate. We worked with Pastor Francis whose typical week consists of walking an hour and a half, five times a week to evangelize by broadcasting on the radio in Oku. When he is home he is a pastor who preaches in Oku just so his people can understand the Word of God. Volunteers walk for hours to go teach literacy classes to maybe 5 or 6 people. This time was followed by a question and answer time with the audience. We followed this by having a time of desserts and further fellowship. Thanks Bea for this excellent and informative time!

Mission to Cameroon Report photos