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Praise Jesus Benefit Concert-Good Samaritan Inn 2018

November 9, 2018 at 9:18 PM

Many of the residents of Timmins were shocked and dismayed to hear that the Good Samaritan Inn (our local homeless shelter) was completely destroyed by fire and water damage a few weeks ago. This ministry has been assisting the poor for many years, and was the only real option for the homeless in our community. It was disclosed that while insurance would assist in the rebuild, the insurance was not nearly enough to replace the existing structure. Another building had been undergoing renovations (formerly it was intended for a women's shelter but had been denied zoning) and had been vandalized and was still not in in living condition. (water and fire-extinguisher damage had left this building inhabitable). As a result there was immediate need for financial assistance. At BFA there was a heart desire to help...but just how could we do anything for this struggling ministry? A proposal was put forward to the elders-leadership to use BFA to have a fund raiser on Nov. 9th. It was suggested that we would organize a number of musical groups to perform, and we would attempt to raise funds. The elders agreed, six different groups/individuals offered their musical gifts, and with help on posters, advertising, and sharing on social media, the event was held on Nov. 9th from 6:30-9:30 pm. Each group played approximately 30 min, and thanks to Stan C, Sonia and Cory, Manuela R, Vickie and Team, Hannah and Trevor, and Jeff B for their excellent musical offerings. A group of perhaps 50-60 came out and braved the snow storm, while there was a good response with financial giving. Thanks to God for the speed and way this event came to pass, to all who gave and to all who were active supporters. It was a praise night to remember.

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