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Christmas Eve Zoom Fireside Service

January 8, 2021 at 7:01 PM

2020 Christmas Eve service posed some interesting challenges. Every year, our celebration of Christmas is an attempt once again to tell the Christmas story and reach others with this good news. A committee was struck and led by Joe C. Our team began to figure out the delicate balance between safety measures needed, while working all the details of three fire-pits, and the associate challenges of an outdoor Christmas Carol Sing. Outside amps and mikes were planned, with the designation of fire coordinators, along with the creation of music books for the occasion. All was proceeding on course, Then we found oursleves in a province wide lock-down, anticipated to include Dec. 24th. The lock-down did happen, but it was started instead on Dec. 26th, which when reviewed by leadership was decided that BFA would adopt a 'love your neighbour' approach and re-structure our service to Zoom. 

Normally between 20-35 goody treat bags would be handed to the children who attended church service that night, and this year was no exception. The difference of this years was that Hannah and Becky along with grandkids went around the town bringing these sanitized goody bags to the homes a day before Christmas Eve. (after getting permission from the parents of course!)  This year the acceptance rate was 100% and everyone raved about the great treats. 

The Praise team did their practice and ran a live-stream on Christmas Eve Service. Thanks to Yves and Ted this allowed for  various participants pre-filmed or live streaming their Bible readings. It is hoped that the time was a source of hope and encouragement. Thanks to all who shared in making this time a blessing!

Christmas Eve 2020

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