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Air Hockey World Record Achieved

July 20, 2012

Jesse Fontaine and Breanna Broughton completed today what has never been accomplished on the earth- they completed over twenty-eight hours of continuous air-hockey with the puck being in continuous motion the entire time! Flanked by family, friends, and official witnesses, this boy-girl duo did it!  While this event had started quite slowly, as the challenge progressed, more and more followed them by showing at Bible Fellowship Assembly or on internet  live streaming.It was a happy moment at 4 am when this team passed the old 20 hour world record. At one point there were over 42 viewers world wide monitoring their progress. While most of these hailed from Ontario there were those from Whales UK that also sent greetings and congratulations. By the early morning hours, energy levels were still strong, and as the sun rose around 6 am, Jesse and Breanna were still energized.At 8 am they had reached the twenty-four hours of continuous play.  At this time a good group of supporters had showed up, along with local media to intereview the two during one of their official breaks. By noon  both seemed to be slowing somewhat, and yet their never once appeared seriously tired. They completed their event in the early afternoon, to cheers and congratulations. All of this is effort was to raise funds for World Vision's effords to help youth at the Manzil Drop-in-Centre, Pakistan. According to the information received following this event, over $6000 had been raised. But according to Jesse, there could be continuing funds raised even after the event. The time closed with thankful gratitude to God for the hard working efforts of this two-some and a very successful and safe event. 

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