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Great Whale Mission Trip

December 6, 2010

Last July 2010 S.P.P and Grace youth joined our BFA Grid youth in support the 2nd annual Great Whale Mission Outreach. This group of seventeen coordinated by Wally Bidwell, and hosted by David and Joanna Bouck, (resident missionaries) utilized a combination of sports program, games, singing, face painting, crafts along with creative Biblical based skits to communicate the love of God to the Cree and Inuit youth of Kuujjuaraapik, QC

An advance team came up for the first week, while a second group joined the first to complete the second week of ministry. Each team drove many long hours by van to the airport at La Grande QC, to then fly the remaining hundreds of miles to reach this remote town with the Gospel of Jesus. The community of Kuujjuaraapik, QC is located along the eastern side of Hudson Bay and had a warm welcome for the team. Kuujjuaraapik is actually a twin community of two ethnic groups, the (Cree live on one side, Inuit on the other), and according to local missionaries, both groups tend to generally stay pretty much to themselves. This experience was a real eye opener to our team members, and as children attended Vacation Bible School from both ethnic groups, friendships formed between both groups of First Nations. This was the first time team members actually saw these walls of prejudice break down. Towards the end of the mission, most team members were able to check out the beautiful sand dunes, and even try out a swim or wade in the chilly 5C Arctic Ocean water!

Some of the Team members shared that "I can never forget what I saw and what I learned; the children of this regions future is so bleak....I have an awesome future because of God; and I pray that they

Great Whale Mission 2010

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