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Kidz Klub & Operation Christmas Child

November 19, 2013

Lots of thanks goes out to all the children, families and leaders of Kidz Klub for all their excellent results in Operation Christmas Child. During craft time this fall, a number of the crafts were designed around the making of gifts and boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Children were busy each Tuesday, working on gifts that would be added to the boxes. T-shirts were manufactured, boxes were painted and decorated, and children and leaders alike had a good time creating gifts that will communicate the love of Jesus to those in need. Then the children went down the tables and packed their own boxes. What smiles were on all the faces as they gave from their hearts! All the boxes gifted from the Klub and those contributed from others at BFA were then given a proper send off on Nov. 24th when all boxes at BFA were dedicated to the Lord and prayed over. Following this, on the next Wednesday, a few more volunteers helped bring these boxes to S.P. Pentecostal where boxes were awaiting their next stage in the delivery process. Let's keep praying as these gifts go out to share God's love!

Kidz Klub Op Christmas Child 2013 photos

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